Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weebeasts Plight by Micah Linton

The weebeasts are yellow creatures with human-shaped, pot-bellied bodies and heads that resemble those of the crows in the Disney movie “Dumbo.” They are not human, which probably is why they run around naked, except for a bracelet or necklace. Perhaps the yellow is some type of fur, but it looks like skin.
The weebeasts seem to live communally, in places they construct of rocks, with interesting holes and windows, and creative use of levers and other basic tools. They hang hammocks from one rock pillar to another, and sleep in them. There are also a few huts, perhaps for the less sociable weebeasts.
They sound pretty nice. But, this book says, “they didn’t play nice with the creatures who lived nearby.”
As a result, they found themselves having to leave, abruptly. In their lengthy search for a new home, they learn some things, and invent some things, and eventually become much nicer than they were to begin with.
This book has few words but great pictures and a good message.